Jubouri discuss with the Patriarch of Antioch migration of minorities and pass needed legislation to protect the components file

Search Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, with the Patriarch of Antioch, on Monday, the migration of minorities file and pass needed legislation to protect the components.
A statement by the Office of the al-Jubouri, the media received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the "Parliament Speaker Salim al-received private office, His Holiness Patriarch Mar Ignatius Ephrem II Patriarch of Antioch and All the East and Supreme Head of the Church of Orthodoxy in the world and his entourage."
The statement pointed out that "the meeting included the review of the overall situation in Iraq, and file migration of minorities from the country, as well as the role of Parliament to pass the required legislation to guarantee the rights and the stability of all components, especially those who are Christians."
The head of parliament that "what is happening in Iraq from terrorism and other targets but people of all components including the Christian brothers, and that religious extremism is far from the teachings of the Islamic religion and its message-Semitism and the idea is based on tolerance and transmit the love among everyone."
"The Christians, Yazidis and Muslims and other components of the people paid the price for terrorism and violence that targeted everyone, without exception, stressing that" we in the House are eager to accomplish all laws that reservation for minorities, especially Christians full rights in this country. "
He said al-Jubouri, "Parliament's keenness on providing the right environment and to ensure the safe return of all displaced people especially the children of the Christian community to their areas."
For his part, the price Holiness Patriarch According to the statement the role of parliament and the president in foster brotherhood among the Iraqi people, and Christians considered an important part of a peaceful coexistence in the country's strategy.