Trade (time): distribution of 50 billion dinars from the peasants dues

February 29, 2016

Babylon is seeking to be the agricultural breadbasket

BAGHDAD Shaimaa Adil

Babylon time

The Ministry of Commerce began distributing 50 billion dinars from the dues of farmers this week. He said ministry spokesman Mohammed Hanoun (time) yesterday that (the ministry has received the first batch of the Ministry of Finance, amounting to 50 billion Danarmen dues of farmers for the year 2014 to 2015, he said (the amount dedicated to all the peasants, including peasants of Kurdistan) region.

He explained that the affectionate (ministry started distributing the benefits this week).

He pointed out that (the ministry has launched a number of payments to farmers and benefits by relying on provision for the financial balance of the ration card tables after obtaining official approvals).

So the ministry confirmed that the manipulation and trickery fail wheat marketing, referring to the leak of some wheat Jawaromeshddh states to choose examiners and devices laboratory examination is able to determine the quality of the wheat area and production.

The Minister Mohammed Shia 'Al Sudani said in a statement yesterday that (the experience of previous years in the marketing of agricultural crops of wheat and rice, confirmed the failure by the cases of manipulation and fraud and attempting to receive wheat qualities poor, as well as the leak amounts of grain from neighboring countries and deliver it to be local wheat which caused wasting money year).

He added that the (ministry of new mechanisms adopted in the marketing of agricultural produce both types of wheat and rice, and received from the peasants and farmers, which is to prevent any cases of manipulation or waste of public money, as well as determine the production site so as not to allow the entry of any kind of neighboring countries in addition to the choice of examiners and devices screening laboratory able to determine the quality of the wheat area and output).

Transformative crops

That began to cultivate the province of Babylon Directorate-growing manufacturing crops, noting that the province will be Iraq's basket, while confirming the priority of maintaining the cultivation of strategic crops such as wheat, barley and maize.

The Conservation Agriculture Director Alaa Kubba said in a statement yesterday that the (Conservation Agriculture Department began planting manufacturing crops in different parts of the province). He added that the (Directorate conducted research with experts about the production of these crops world-class as well as the commercialization of the coefficient).

Kubba said that (the Directorate began the cultivation of rapeseed crop, which contains 50 percent of the oil that you need vegetable oil manufacturing plant in collaboration with professors green denominator University).

He said (Directorate began the cultivation of soybeans, one of the global strategic crops, which monopolized by certain countries, where 42 percent of the fruit is a protein and soybean crop enters in the manufacture of poultry feed and fish mainly sells for global markets 500 per Dularelltun).

He explained that the (Conservation Agriculture Directorate aims to reach self-sufficiency for Iraq, a basket of food). He stressed that the (crop does not affect the cultivation of other strategic crops such as wheat, barley and maize). The (rapeseed) plant species of the platoon Crusader seeds used for the production of vegetable oil, the third most important crop used for this purpose after soybean and palm oil.