Central: the absence of banking culture in the cause of smear campaign over the sale currency window

Monday , February 29, 2016 10:59

Alsumaria News / Baghdad
The Central Bank, on Monday, that the absence of banking culture cause of the smear campaign on the sale of currency window, and at the time, who pointed out that these statements do not come from specialists, stressed the importance of the role of the banking sector in supporting efforts for the success of the donors conference.

The governor of the central bank on the Keywords in a statement Alsumaria News received a copy of the "reasons for defamation and accusations faced by the banking sector in general campaign, especially regarding window sell the currency, it is the absence of public banking culture on the work of banks and the nature of central bank functions with regard to selling the dollar in particular." .

He added that "the overall private banks not to give a chance to attack it by closing loopholes and full compliance with the instructions of the Central Bank and to focus on not be the dollar sale process of a target for speculation," explaining that "the response to the attack easy if it is made by specialists, because they understand easily the reality of the situation, while it will be difficult when it comes to others Aimitlkon culture of banking. "

On the other hand the bank's governor called for a "broad participation for the success to be held in April in the Kingdom of Jordan donors' conference," and expressed hope that "be the participation of this sector and wide in this national action to be an important point in his record holds all meanings benevolent."

Keywords and pointed out that the conference is an opportunity that will contribute to creating a state of stability in our country, "pointing out that" we are in need in this particular circumstance. "

The governor of the central bank on the Keywords announced on the third of March 2015 that the new guidelines set by the bank is that the auction is no longer a daily window for operations for the sale of currency auctions, noting that the new mechanisms developed to sell this currency, especially that of its functions to provide currency for foreign trade.

And established an independent Iraqi Central Bank as a bank under a law issued on the sixth of March 2004, as an independent body, which is responsible for maintaining price stability and the implementation of monetary policy, including exchange rate policies are being daily sessions for buying and selling currencies.