Central Bank announces its position on the auction currency and criticizes the "defamation"

Date: 02/29/2016 13:18

Information / BAGHDAD / ..

The Governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords, on Monday, the bank's position on the auction currency, calling on private banks to full compliance with the instructions of the Central Bank.

Keywords and said in a statement the agency / information / copy of it, that "the central bank received a clear position regarding the auction of the currency, We conducted interviews with the Financial and Economic Committee in the House of Representatives and with other official bodies to clarify this issue."

He added that "at the top of the reasons for defamation campaign and accusations faced by the banking sector, especially with regard to window sell the currency, is the absence of public banking culture on the work of banks and the nature of the functions of the central bank, in terms of selling the dollar in particular."

He called Keywords media that "takes its role in educating people tasks generally the banking sector," explaining that "the response to the attack easy if it is made by specialists, because they understand easily and reality of the situation, while the issue is difficult when it comes to by others do not have a banking culture." .

Keywords urged "Private banks are generally not to give a chance to attack it by closing loopholes and full compliance with the instructions of the Central Bank and to focus on selling the dollar should not be a process of a target for speculation," .anthy / 25 s