Central Bank calls for the success of the donors' conference and criticizing defamation banking sector

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Central Bank calls for the success of the donors' conference and criticizing defamation banking sector
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} The governor of the Iraqi Central Bank on the Keywords, on Monday, the importance of the role of the banking sector to support efforts to ensure the success of the donors' conference for the reconstruction of areas affected by the terrorist attacks to be held in Jordan in April next, criticizing defamation operations against the banking sector.
Keywords and said in a statement during the meeting of the Central Bank of Iraq headquarters in Baghdad and the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it today, "We hope that a wide be the participation of this sector in the national action to be an important point in his record holds all meanings benevolent."

Keywords and he pointed out that "heavy load withholds him, but his family, so we expect the banking sector initiatives in this area," explaining, "We abreast of preparations for the conference, both at the local level through the costly task of the Committee, chaired by the President of the Reconstruction Fund, Dr. Abdul Basit Turkey and through international organizations, "noting that" the conference is an opportunity that will contribute to creating a state of stability in our country, pointing out that we are in need in this particular circumstance. "

He predicted the central bank governor to "be participating in the conference to be held the Dead Sea on 16 and April 17 and a wide area, from the other hand, between the Keywords that the central bank a clear position regarding the auction sell the currency," pointing out that "he had held meetings with the Financial and Economic Committee in the House of Representatives However other official bodies to clarify this issue. "

Turning to the "reasons for defamation and accusations faced by the banking sector in general campaign, especially Maitalq window sell the currency," he said, "at the forefront of these reasons, the absence of public banking culture on the work of banks and the nature of the functions of the central bank Mai_khas sell the dollar in particular."

He called for "to take the media role in educating people the functions of the banking sector in general, adding that the response to the attack easy if it is made by specialists, because they understand easily and reality of the situation, while the issue is difficult when it comes to by others do not have a banking culture."

Portfolios of private banks and urged the general to "not to give the opportunity to attack it by closing loopholes and full compliance with the instructions of the Central Bank and to focus on not be the dollar sale process of a target for speculation," and urged Association of private banks that "will be the topic at the forefront of their concerns in this particular circumstances." .

So called head of the Iraqi private banks association Wadih Handal to "increase support for the central bank to the banking sector to be able to contribute to any national action, also stressed the support of private banks to the efforts of the Central Bank in the framework of cooperation, enhance mutual trust between the two sides."

He said Handal to "Private Bankers Association initiative to establish a legal committee to be the voice of the banks before the judicial authorities and to pay the accusations directed to it by legal means," stressing "the importance of the humanitarian role played by the private banks toward our people displaced explaining that liberalization Salahuddin and Anbar of terrorism It would contribute to reassure the capital that our country is on the road to recovery, especially after the start of preparations for Tharirmhafezh Nineveh. "

He called Handal boards of directors of banks to "more effective humanitarian contributions, and assign Matmralamanhan scheduled to be held in Jordan in April next year," explaining the importance of the "going success of the conference the efforts of the first two-way encouraging the human side and the second search States and international organizations to provide its capacity of support for Iraq for the reconstruction of cities ravaged by terrorism. "

On the nature of the relationship between the central bank and the private banks between Handal "It's dominated by the language of trust and mutual understanding is important in the face of challenges that include everyone," .anthy