Economist: Kurdistan Region need for international guarantees to regain its share of the Iraqi financial budget

By Hussein Zangana

6 hours ago

Roudao- Arbil

Stressed the economic expert, Abdul Wahid Taha, the Iraqi government, according to the experience of the Kurdistan Region during the previous period, it produced a kind of mistrust between the parties, so you must enter a third party, as a international to give guarantees for the Kurdistan Regional Government.

Taha said, the network Roudao media: "It is the right of the Kurdistan Region to request guarantees to regain its share of consisting of 17% of the general budget for the payment of obligations the central government, such as staff salaries and wages and operating expenses."

He added: "The current crisis is the real because it adversely affects the lives of citizens, it is also an administrative and political crisis reflected on the non-observance of the current situation, look for ways in which to address these problems that exist."

Speaking economist, Abdul Wahid Taha, about oil prices, saying: "You can not guess the price of oil, because there are economic and political volatility," stressing that "the central government and the Kurdistan Regional Government thinking to find an alternative to oil, which is going to set up small and medium enterprises, and support these projects through the protection of local products to fill this vacuum and fiscal deficits suffered by the General Iraq and Kurdistan region in particular. "