Sadr calls for demonstrations in front of the green

02/29/2016 15:35

BAGHDAD / obelisk: called the cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, on Monday, the people of Baghdad to demonstrate at the gates of the Green Zone, and the sons of the provinces before the provincial councils, and among the committee supervisor will determine the time of the demonstration, he stressed the need that the rally not be customized region of without the other .

Sadr said in a statement, I followed "obelisk," "After that touched you in Tahrir Square, obedience, organized and up unified patriotism, Behold, I Astnhikm again and I am confident that you and Bhbkm to Otunkm for a mass demonstration specific to the inhabitants of Baghdad, of all regions," noting that "this time will not be in Tahrir Square, but in the nearest place (red zone) I mean green, but not on the doors in this blessed-way and at a time determined by the committee supervising the demonstration. "

He said al-Sadr, that the committee members "are Dear Brothers Hazem al-Araji, and Sheikh Salah al-Obeidi and Sheikh Muhannad al-Gharawi and Sheikh pro-Asadi and activist Ahmed Abdul Hussein," adding that "demonstrations in the provinces will be all in his province and in front of the provincial council that this demonstration are in Ospoekm this as peaceful between Perhaps it is angry to hear your voice, who are trying to ignore the protesters as a threat, and what was the voice of the people is the voice of a threat but right. "

He said al-Sadr "I encourage you to Teksoa the same image that was a beacon of pride and honor I. In Tahrir Square, and I hope that this event will not be a dedicated region of no other people are all over the lover of reform and Bagd of corruption," stressing "that all demonstrations be in Baghdad and the provinces at the same time The time to reach the message is clear to all. "

The cleric Moqtada al-Sadr took part in last Friday (February 26, 2016), a demonstration rally participants it exceeded half a million demonstrators in Tahrir Square in central Baghdad, while Sadr has threatened to enter the heavily fortified Green Zone in Baghdad to restore the rights of "the oppressed" of "corrupt."