Central Bank calls for wide participation for the success of the donors' conference and criticizing the "defamation" of the banking sector

Monday 29-02-2016 | 11:00:56

Shafaq News / The governor of the Iraqi Central Bank on the Keywords on Monday the importance of the role of the banking sector to support efforts to ensure the success of the donors' conference for the reconstruction of areas affected by the terrorist Alamyat planned at the Jordan in the month of April, criticizing the operations of defamation against the banking sector.

This came during a meeting of the Central Bank of Iraq headquarters in Baghdad in the presence of Director General of the Directorate of Operations and the Department of Din Mahmoud Dagher, the head of the Iraqi private banks association Wadih Handal, and other senior officials in the Iraqi private banks, according to a statement issued by the bank.

The statement which was received for Twilight News, for Keywords saying, "We hope to be a wide participation of the sector in the national action to be an important point in his record holds all meanings benevolent."

He pointed out that "the heavy load is not done, but his family, so we expect the banking sector initiatives in this area," explaining, "We abreast of preparations for the conference, both at the local level through the costly task of the Committee, chaired by the President of the Reconstruction Fund Abdul Basit Turki or through international organizations. "

Keywords noted that "the conference is an opportunity that will contribute to creating a state of stability in our country," pointing out that "we are in need him at this particular juncture."

He predicted the central bank governor to "be participating in the conference to be held the Dead Sea area on 16 and April 17 and wide."

The reconstruction of the affected areas from terrorist Operations Fund announced on the nineteenth of this month for specified next month of April of this year as the date for the convening of the international conference of donor countries, directed the ambassadors of Iraq to move to those countries in order to support the conference.

On the other hand he said: "The central bank's position is clear on the auction sell the currency," pointing out that "he had held meetings with the Financial and Economic Committee in the House of Representatives and with other official bodies to clarify this issue."

Turning the central bank governor to the reasons for defamation and accusations faced by the banking sector in general campaign, especially regarding window sell the currency, saying it was "at the forefront of these reasons, the absence of public banking culture on the work of banks and the nature of the functions of the central bank Mai_khas sell the dollar in particular."