Iraq's unique strategy: Discover corruption, Check it out ... and lighter file!


Monday February 29.2016

Wrote peace Zidane: Keep Iraq since 2003 , and yet, on the first ranks of the most corrupted countries in the reports issued by Transparency International , which in spite of having four institutions to combat financial and administrative corruption in the country, while the face of many specialists accusations of these institutions covering up corruption and the corrupt.

He said the Iraqi constitution that the parliament is responsible for the independent and competent institutions , including the fight against corruption. But in the period of the previous governments, says interested in this file, the prime minister was responsible and take many administrative procedures to pass some of the deals or the acquittal of points of corruption charges.

The staff worried about these parties to move corruption against some of the most influential in the state files for fear of assassination. Funds and property of politicians and inflated is very large, and enjoys a corrupt absolutely free despite judicial orders issued against them.

He spoke to a member of the Integrity Committee in the parliament, Mishan al - Jubouri , a desperate tone of the corruption that has turned into a general culture in the country. He said that " the competent anti - corruption institutions embarked corruption and led to the spread of this form of catastrophic, even contributed to the reduction of what we got to the current reality , " he said , adding: "we closed the horizon, we have a corrupt official and a judge is corrupt Abrih."

He added that "corruption gnaw the body of the state Iraq whether those who fight corruption or other institutions, and we need an honor from the Creator to get rid of it, "calling for" the formation of a special court , including the finest judges, and to provide adequate protection for them and giving them high salaries and keep them away from the political class to consider the issues of corruption and accountability of everyone. " He stressed that " the country has lost nearly $ 500 billion over 13 years because of financial and administrative corruption, through the acquisition of entities window to financial budgets."

Quota system and the competent authorities failed to eradicate corruption, President Mesopotamia Foundation to support the transparency and integrity Mohammad Rahim said that "corruption in Iraq has become an integrated system that has the human and economic and media power has political cover, to become more powerful than any state authority."

He added that " the main reason for the failure of all the regulatory agencies in the fight against corruption , which consists of the Board of Supreme Audit and the Integrity Commission and the offices of inspectors general in the ministries and independent bodies, they were formed in accordance with the quota system adopted by the political blocs in the management of the country.

Accordingly , all supervisory staff of institutions belonging to political parties and political views involved the theft of public money and waste of the country 's wealth. the work of these institutions is to cover them and protect them from not opening files to charge the corrupt directly. "

He stressed that" the regulators to fight corruption in Iraq , working through three stages: "discovered corruption, verifiable, lighter file", this followed a policy since 2003 and so far in terms announces the files and are investigated but she hide after being a political settlement that leads to the sharing of the stolen money or hide file versus another, and so became the country is managed in a manner gangs. "

He added that" there is a kind of corruption files related to public services such as health and education, this is the share of the party responsible for them, not him personally so we're seeing does not prevent funds abroad but invests in inside Iraq. "

He explained that" in the presence of the current political parties can not fight corruption in Iraq because it has armies of corrupt and money enormous estimated at more than $ 200 billion, must be seized , by the United Nations and the prosecution of corrupt in the international courts. "

He said civil rights activist said Karim said that" views the fight against corruption has failed in the previous period in the eradication of corruption because they are subject to political parties, and even covered up many of files owned by leaders in the country. " He noted that "most of the power - sharing parties have armed militias operating outside the state have been exposed to anyone who criticizes the assassination when these parties."