Parliamentary Security: conscription independently of the popular crowd Act

Political Since 02/29/2016 14:09 pm (Baghdad time)

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He confirmed to the Security and Defense Committee member of the parliamentary Majid al-Gharawi, on Monday, that the conscription separate law and can not be inserted within the popular crowd.

He Ghraoui L / balance News /, "The conscription law was debated and voted on in the Defense Ministry, and will be sent to the Cabinet for discussion during the National Security Council meeting, to put all the controls and instructions will then be sent to parliament."

He added that "the law was in place in the past and will now be reconsidered by the conditions experienced by the country."

With regard to the involvement of the popular crowd within the law, Ghraoui explained, that "conscription law is quite independent of the crowd, and the crowd as well as the popular body independent body linked to the premiership."

He pointed to Ghraoui, that "the slides included in the body crowd different from what is prescribed in this Act" .anthy 29 / A 43

From: Anaam Amauri