The role of Social Security in Development

2/29/2016 0:00

Thamer Alheims
It is said that the number of workers in the private sector nearly four million, distributors all agricultural, industrial and service activities, and found that only 150 thousand of them unsecured as their counterpart in the public sector. There are proposed bills by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs for trading, with bundles of studies and reforms, which are key to ensure that all workers in the private sector, but they collide implementation mechanisms.

It requires the participation of the barber or mourning or a carpenter or a mechanic and others to pay monthly premiums or quarterly social security Fund, as is the case of secured professions such as lawyers and employees of some of the trade unions of workers in the private sector.

It is no doubt that professionals best performance in the free business from the public sector to keep up with modern technology, so it has to be interest in this segment.

As for raising the rate of participation in social security to its maximum , it will contribute to the absorption of unemployment, and reduce the burden to rely on functions of

In order to strengthen this step we propose solutions below:

1) screening professional flour by the unions sponsoring each according to its competence and identifying workers through their affiliation, to bring their activities and the activities of the organization the work.

2) for workers in companies and laboratories civil there is a high and costly security contribution to the company or organization, we suggest that determine the percentage of deduction to ensure workers ' rights to social security, meaning that the worker shall appoint a salary Discounted him sign up in advance.

3) to pay the owners of small businesses , as classified by their associations and bodies concerned to pay security contributions, when exposed to bankruptcy or illness or other against these risks.

This overall proposals urge Mnspa private sector pay cuts to social security, especially as the many benefits given the specificity of view of Iraqi society to public employee that sets it apart retirement secured. The difference between workers in the public and private sectors Srdm in the case of the inclusion of the private sector employment secured retirement.

Moreover, these withholdings are to be reckoned with in the economic process resources can be invested and take advantage of them, especially in light of the crisis faced by the country, where it will be the unions and associations its supervisory role as civil society organizations to expand and promote increased productivity and support the inclusion of other segments such as the productive families or the cooperative sector or mixed, what is in support of the current trends in the process of economic transformation of central public sector to the real partnership, especially at this stage.