Chihod: refinery in the province of important projects and beginning to invest oil sector

Dated: 02/28/2016 Sunday 7:24

Counting MP Mohammad Chihod Maysan province, Maysan refinery as a "significant" project will be the beginning to invest in the oil sector, while mortgage Iraq would emerge from the economic crisis experienced by the go to investment, especially in the oil file.
He Chihod, "The refinery in Missan project of the important projects in Iraq have been created in the difficult economic situation and an exceptional pass by Iraq and the region," pointing out that "out of this crisis is by finding alternatives such as investing, particularly in the oil file." He added that "refinery Maysan international will be the beginning of the investments to the oil sector, "stressing" the need for Iraq to invest in other sectors, ".ccant oil Ministry put, last Thursday, the foundation stone of the refinery in Missan investment capacity of 150 thousand barrels per day, at a time indicated that done is economically monument on land preservation , confirmed that the project will not carry the costs of any state in the Anchaih.ookdt ministry, said yesterday that: "Maysan refinery is the first investment project of liquidation sector, arguing that it would start to invest" optimal "oil wealth in Iraq," as pointed out "that the project It will reflect on the provision of oil derivatives a high standard for local consumption ".oaattabr Council of Maysan province, yesterday, that:" the refinery is a milestone in Iraq's economy by providing high-quality products, stressing that the project will attract capital to maintain and will reduce the import of products from abroad, ".okhevc international Maysan refinery company, said yesterday that: "The project faced difficulties" deliberate "before reaching the implementation phase, as pointed out that the project will meet the three main requirements of the Iraqi economy."