The lifting of the sanctions imposed on Iran to contribute to the rehabilitation of the Iraqi market


Enhanced the growth of religious tourism between the two countries

Baghdad: new morning:

Thought on economic, to lift a ban on Iran might lead to results provided by the investment in terms of increasing the presence of economic activity in the Iraqi market and possible benefit in pace's contribution to Iranian companies operating in Iraq.

The expert stresses that what is said about the release of large amounts of frozen Iranian funds will contribute significantly to the revitalization of the Toman exchange rate against the dollar, Iran would have an impact on Iraq's economy, given the size of large commodity exchanges between the two countries.

They point out that factor geographic proximity and history between the two countries would be helpful in broad sectors of the two countries benefit from higher income Iranians reinforcing religious tourism development between Iraq and Iran, and is a reliable responsible tourism companies.

According to the information that many companies active in this field is the same for a new phase of activity after a period of stagnation that prevails in the hotel sector, especially in the provinces of Karbala and Najaf.

Bank Branch Manager draws «barsian» in Baghdad, Mr. Prince, the importance of providing the security environment which helps to provide better services to customers after an increase in the number of branches of Iranian banks operating within Iraq.
Expert finds that the anticipated shift in the Iranian economy will be positive repercussions on Iraqi production sectors suffer from declining activity and thus will be recovered at the expense of commodity production.

Economist Mohammed Sharif Abu maysam, that rising costs in the productive sectors, found in the Iraqi market window for the marketing of their products and have contributed greatly to the dumping which impeded the growth of the real sectors of the country, would raise the selling price of their products in Iraq over the prospects for lower demand for these commodities, pushing in the direction of the search for alternatives to satisfy local market needs and therefore supports local producers and facilitate the task of Government to support the private sector.

He predicted, in an interview carried by the «life» international producers, resort Genoa Iranian money from marketing their products in Iraq, to enter the labour market and investment in Iraq to reduce the cost of production and marketing and to ensure continued their domination on a large segment of consumers, will contribute to providing more jobs for the unemployed to work.

As the lifting of the ban on Iran's banking sector, ease the pressure on the Iraqi market that has seen a growing demand for hard currency from Iranian traders who have contributed to the fluctuating exchange rate of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar as a result of increased demand for hard currency to finance external trade, as well as prospects for lower rates of tourism activity from Iraq to Iran, which saw a major escalation during the past years, due to rising middle class incomes and the decline in the exchange rate against the dollar, the Toman Iran what would mean declining cash flow block The Iraqi market to Iran.