Mansour company to receive the international quality certificate ISO 9001: 2008 from the donor company Vksl

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I got Mansour General Construction Contracting Company, one of the formations and the Ministry of Construction and Housing and Municipalities and Public Works (the international quality certificate ISO 9001: 2008 from the donor Vksl Company), the spectrum after conducting the preliminary screening process by the international team sent by the company (vexiL) the author of the international audited ( R.engan hopes Mohammed Hassan debate) and in cooperation with R.engan oldest Nihad Hassan Abboud Director of quality Division at the company's headquarters, which was within the scope of (the company's headquarters and the draft oil laboratories in the Bob al-Sham and cultural center in Kadhimiya) on 8-10 / 12/2015 and was positive results gave the international team thanks and appreciation to all employees of the company Bdao of senior management, represented by Mr. General Manager of the company's engineer Zidane behind Laibi and Mr. Associate Engineer Mohammed Yahya Hassan and a representative of the administration and heads of departments and the Division of quality and internal auditors and the Division of relations and media which in the dissemination of events and meetings of the audit and periodic meetings auditors to the fullest, despite the difficult conditions experienced by the company's general and Albadbsourh note was established Mansour General construction Contracting company among the five major companies under the legislation of the Ministry of construction Law and Housing No. 62/66 of 1987 in order to reorganize work in the construction sector and improve production and raise the level of efficient performance and optimize the use of economic and human resources of the adoption of qualified staff with experience and is considered Al-Mansour is an extension of firms and government institutions that have adopted the infrastructure construction and reconstruction of Iraq since Mtncef fifties of the last century and up to now and the company staff are an extension of those who built the first civilizations in Mesopotamia and we all I hope that the reconstruction of Iraq will not be achieved only with the participation benevolent friends of Iraq fellow Iraqis by contributing and supporting the expertise and concerted efforts for the benefit of everyone .tattabr Mansour of the major companies operating in Iraq and specialized in various works of construction, including the construction of residential complexes, hospitals and laboratories pharmaceutical manufacturing and development company airports, granaries and buildings and university power stations and switches communications and buildings banking, mosques and religious shrines, petrol stations etc ... the domestic law of the company and is aimed at the company Tassea and management of the organization to attain the highest levels of employment and output and improve public funds investment efficiency and raise the performance of the national economy levels .oatkon administrative structure of the company by the board of Directors who shall formulate the general policy of the company and determine its goals and who is at the company's headquarters in Baghdad, in addition to the company's three branches in northern Iraq / province of Nineveh, Kirkuk governorate in central Iraq / Babil province.