In anticipation of the collapse of the Mosul Dam .. Abadi government calls for the evacuation of the housing adjacent to the Tigris River

The government called on Sunday, residents of areas adjacent to the course of the Tigris River in the provinces of Nineveh, Salahuddin (north), to move to higher areas, in order to avoid the risk of the collapse of the Mosul Dam, which is exposed to cracks.

She said the government, in a guide issued by the office of Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, today, that he 'can for the people of Mosul avoid flooding if it occurs by moving at least 6 km from the river bed, and avoid its tributaries, and to stay away for a distance of not less than 5 km for the people of Tikrit'.

The government called on residents of the territories between Tikrit and Samarra to stay away for a distance of 6.5 km from the riverbed, while the east of the river called the inhabitants to move away beyond that distance because of the low level of land, to avoid what has caused flooding irrigation channels'.

According to government evidence, the 'basic infrastructure in these areas will be affected significantly, hampering basic services such as electrical services, and agricultural land will be affected extensively'.

For his part, Abboud al-Issawi, a member of the Agriculture and Water Committee in the Iraqi parliament, said that the Committee had discussed over the past few days the problem of plug connector with stakeholders in the government, adding that the warnings issued by the package that the government 'important to avoid any negative consequences."

Issawi said 'There are differences in the outgoing Iraqi side reports, issued by the American side, but in general, the dam is suffering from a big problem concerning the foundations, and the work is going to strengthen the foundations over the past years.'

He continued, saying, 'current fears of a collapse of the dam escalated with the imminent launch of the process of freeing the city of Mosul, fearing terrorists managed to carry out a bombing targeting the dam.'

Issawi said that 'there are more than 11 billion cubic meters of water in the Mosul Dam, which pose a significant strain on the foundations of the dam, and that the area created by the dam Gypsum does not assume any vibrations may result from an act of terrorism."