Economist: Investment needs a solid intellectual base and the need to implement the single window in the investment process
On: Friday 3/16/2012

Baghdad (news) .. Called economic expert as beautiful to the need to create an intellectual base solid by dealing with the investor awareness and ethics is high, emphasizing the importance of applying the principle of the single window in the investment process in Iraq.
, said Jamil (for the Agency news) should be granted the privileges of full to investors and the development of facilities in front of them from by dealing with the administration as a circle general tax or banks and others, stressing the need to create an attractive environment to invest in Iraq because the country desperately needed at this time.
and added beautiful: that the success of the investment process depends on the application of the principle of single window, which means granting the investor the holiday complete within Investment Authority, and without any obstacles, and these require the presence of intellectual base solid based on culture, ethics and awareness in dealing with the investor when he came to Iraq to investment, especially by the staff of government departments, the fact that their actions relating to investors is repulsive for investment and not attractive. / Finished / 8. n. p. /