The Iraqi oil sector , the private conference with investors to the Middle Euphrates region

Saturday February 27, 2016 17:24

Alsumaria News / Babylon
Launched Saturday work of the Special Iraqi oil conference with investors in the oil sector of the Middle Euphrates region, while the Parliamentary Finance Committee pointed out that the conference discussed the problems that arise at the local investor and the process of economic and trade exchanges.

The head of the private oil sector, the Association of Salim Yassin al-Husseini said in an interview Sumerian's News, on the sidelines of the meeting in Babylon Resort conference attended by several members of the House of Representatives and local government, "The conference discussed several topics highlighted by terms of the contract and what is dictated by the oil ministry after the signing of the obstacles that arise on local investor. "

He said al-Husseini, the "Search Conference also economic and trade exchanges and handle instruments regular magnetized process, not an instrument certified and the tax problem and a lack of product processed by the Ministry of Oil in the absence of the counters."

For his part, Chairman of the Parliamentary Finance Committee Haitham al-Jubouri said in an interview with Alsumaria News's, "The problems that arise at the local investor is usually resolved in this conference and in the presence of the beneficiary and the sponsoring and executing the work, namely the Ministry of oil habit."

He said al-Jubouri, that "it was during the conference to discuss the problem of contracts, a prominent oil ministry problems with the private sector," noting that "the ministry contracted with the local investor and suddenly dictate new paragraphs after the signing, forcing the investor to sign it, as well as the ministry dealing with taxes ".

He said al-Jubouri, "The conference also discussed the problem of relying on the counters that provide the investor with fuel," noting that he "always provides the investor an incomplete amount of processing quantities."

He stressed Jubouri, that "there are 25 a paragraph was added to the contract in 2015 without taking investor approval, which note the existence of the decline in dealing with the Iraqi investors due to lack of fairness by the Ministry of Oil," calling on the ministry to "deal with the Iraqi investors also deal with a foreign investor."

He was economic adviser to Prime Minister Abdul Hussein Al-Anbuge, said Thursday (February 25, 2016) The investment Almtsidin bodies are not specialists, as he emphasized that they look for "only interests."