Committee in charge of the "licensing rounds" is considering rewriting contracts

Saturday 27 February 2016 | 17:23

BAGHDAD / .. stressed the parliamentary finance committee member Sirhan Ahmed on Saturday, said the work of the Commission "licensing rounds" oil problem recently would consider such agreements with companies in the field of oil contracts, which the Iraqi burdened Finance, and the possibility of re-formulated, among the members of the Committee Finance in parliament without other committees for being the party concerned.

Said Ahmed's "Eye of Iraq News," "The committee set up by the Finance Committee in the Parliament under the name (Commission licensing rounds) will work to reconsider its oil contracts with companies, which have hurt the Iraqi economy after the decline in oil prices," he said, adding that "the Commission lead pursuance of censorship, as a committee of the parliament. "

Ahmed said that "the Finance Committee did not indicate the existence of suspicions of corruption because it is not within the competence of the Commission, where it can be the subject of Hamel Integrity Commission or other", as explained that "the work of the new committee will not address contracts and oil agreements with States, the Iraqi Kalag Jordan "He noted that" members of the Finance Committee as the body concerned with the issue. "

The House of Representatives has announced the formation of sub-pop of the Finance Committee to consider contracts licensing rounds, so as to lower oil prices since the second half of last year in 2015, with the survival of the contracts basic value, where it occurred at a time when the price per barrel rises above $ 80, before falling to $ 20 per barrel .anthy 8