Economist: put government bonds at low prices will encourage the acquisition

7:30 27/2/2016

BAGHDAD / .. economist stressed peace Sumaisem Saturday that put the central bank for government bonds will save the state large sums which Ictenze citizen to cover part of the shortfall in the current budget, while pointed out that put low prices will encourage buying Epeshka larger.

Sumaisem's "Eye of Iraq News," that " the subject of government bonds was one of the options put forward by the central bank and economists to solve part of the financial crisis of the state , " pointing out that "posed in front of the citizens will save the state to obtain large sums of money which Ictenze citizen of funds return for benefits and guarantees. "

She Sumaisem that "there is no universal price agreed upon in the economy, as the subject is due to the government 's need for these funds, as its offer low prices will significantly help to encourage buyers in the acquisition , " adding that " the interest rate offered on the bonds will contribute to activating the bond, the fact that the money the owners always tend to obtaining the greatest possible benefit. "

The central bank has announced the sale of government bonds the beginning of the month of March next year, to help cover part of the deficit projected in the 2016 budget year, resulting from the drop in oil prices to $ 20, or the equivalent of $ 80 for the first half of 2015 .anthy 8