Obama will succeed .. defeat Daash and are making progress in Iraq


Barack Obama

Roudao - Erbil

Assured US President Barack Obama said on Saturday that the war against "terrorism" will not stop and the global campaign will eventually succeed in defeat al Daash.

Obama predicted in his weekly that is destroying al Daash by the "international coalition headed by the United States and comprises 66 members including Arab partners."

He believed that this alliance "is still growing and is making significant progress in the fight against the terrorist organization in Iraq and Syria," adding, "There will be no cease-fire in the struggle against Daash even with the cessation of hostilities in the war in Syria."

He added, "The war on terrorism will continue unabated and we will continue the road with partners around the world in the fight against extremism posed Daash and recruit and motivate people to violence, especially online."

Obama said that although the battle difficult, "but in the end we will win and we will be able to destroy Daash at the end of the battle."