Oil Minister: There is a campaign against the constitution and the government and parliament goal miscarriage

21:07, February 27, 2016

BAGHDAD - Politics - opinion -
The leader of the Supreme Islamic Council of Iraq's Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi said that "there is a campaign waged against the Constitution and the government, parliament and local government officials, and politicians in general. And, in this campaign is mixed tangle {}, and the Savior and the abuser uses facts and lies, and rumors and fabricating reports and interpretations inflated determine how the goal. "
Said Abdul-Mahdi said in a statement received (Opinion International) copy of it today that "the country undergoing the circumstances of complex and sensitive, and there are legitimate war against" Daash "There are the country's unity, sovereignty and there are calls legitimate reform and there are public order and the future of security, there are last but not least the restoration of the relationship between the political forces and the people, and between the components of Iraq. "
He continued, "so it is a sensitive situation for all parties and making declarations or declaration of policies or urgent decisions, whether politicians or journalists or official institutions is a big responsibility .. There are things that if it were demolished will not be possible restoration .. and positions announced that it will be difficult undone .. and all this requires caution and prudence and discipline .. and by all parties to look at the priorities, do not deviate considering them when handling matters less important .. that sees itself and bear responsibilities, before looking to other behaviors, did not stop at self acquitted and download other responsibilities ".
"In Iraq, no matter what the level of business difficulties and problems but is no substitute for training ourselves to it .. van did not seek to exercise at a time of crisis, we will not work in times of calm, and we will keep lovers of individual action and behaviors nuclei, it is not for the benefit achieved by us, but because we simply We used to these things, we turned into Nberrha and have a look .. In Iraq, whatever the constitutional and legal work difficulties and problems but irreplaceable .. there is no possibility Shall we wanted to move to the stage of building the state and society-to return to the policies Althoroah or personal, and survival as a basis for the work of institutions and officials. Anarchists discourse that the Iraqis do not like the system, but not Tillthm force is an insult to the people, and to legitimize the eras of injustice, and measuring the insurgency Jbabernhm people, like love is inherent to the Iraqis to exercise violence. Flanass dignified state sponsor of the rights of the citizen and the homeland .. and adjust their behavior and keep track of the state order and justice with people, then you can talk about the nature and characteristics of the Iraqis. "
He noted that "there is a campaign waged against the Constitution and the government, parliament and local government officials, and politicians in general .. in this campaign is mixed tangle, and the Savior and the abuser .. and use facts and lies, and rumors and fabricating reports .. and interpretations inflated goal determine how the overall situation and not repair or patch, or prosecute the corrupt and criminals .. this is a big risk. The fear is not of the hypocrites and enemies of the situation, but our fear of the faithful and citizens .. There conduct touting these things as long as it does not affect them but affect rivals .. There are even touting confuse Vtakhtvi his cards suspicious massive Kom of papers .. We all will work against our interests if It helped these destructive behaviors questioning everyone, and accuses everyone is seeking to bring down everyone. "
He added, "We can not do something that the political forces and officials did not change their behavior, God and the fear in each other .. and work on calming the situation and address the minds and push the country to progress .. not igniting more fires, Azbdoa and Araadoa when any news or leak or rumor .. and consider the issues and take positions responsible, which, in part, the other to protect, this is what will set a clean, healthy and fair traditions work to protect society against crime and corruption, and protect citizens from injustice and false accusations, and allow sorting cases of corruption and disorder and make the right ones actions. The faithful have Dawei peace be upon him himself set up the extent of theft, as the movement of novels, the importance of actions accuracy and knowledge of its borders and mercy and compassion guide, even when the application of the penalty Where are we of these behaviors that if we could publish and guided them to keep us current chaos, and mutual accusations. "
He concluded that "the noise and yelling in which the real lost, Vimitlye actually lying, fraud and rumors. Then we turn all the enemies of ourselves, and show again the language of "lynching" and "burn" and hatred and throw people vanities, and all these things, we went through and paid their price times, and did not serve anything, and will not establish communities valid, but to further corruption and chaos and ruin ".anthy