Shaalan Karim: blocks wary of privately call the upcoming government

Political Since 02/27/2016 14:16 pm (Baghdad time)

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MP from the Iraqi National List Shaalan Karim, Saturday, revealed that wary of the political blocs that dominated the Islamic Dawa Party cabin on the government, and therefore the government is formed from party members or those who are in favor of the Dawa Party.

He said Karim's / balances News /, "Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi today at stake either form a government or to submit his resignation and the government and then the formation of a new government, the President of a new cabinet."

He said Karim said "wary of delegating Abadi political blocs and stays alone choosing ministers technocrats in the new government," adding that "if they are not of the Dawa Party, they will be loyal to the Party and this will affect the blocs and parties in the Iraqi street."

He pointed Karim said "the important thing is how the service is provided to the Iraqi people, on the citizen who made this class of politicians to arrive in these places and the situation that they follow," noting that "hungry people and the corruption necrosis country and stole people's livelihood sons."

He pointed Karim that "the ministries arrived corruption beyond the border, starting from queries employee up to the top of the pyramid in most Iraqi ministries", stressing that "a comprehensive reform, not Trqiei because patching does not serve the final, and it must be a consensus between the political Ketal on what put forward by Prime Cilwazzara Haider slaves, and that there is no consensus would be impossible to form a government of technocrats anticipated. "

It was, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi Council has asked the Cilsalnwab last week and during the Astadvth to Jsth mandate to form a government in the cabin, but most of the political blocs went on to form a government is in agreement with the House of Representatives.

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