Deputy optical: the government did not pay dues "petro-dollar" and its indebtedness to maintain $ 11 billion

Economy Since 02.27.2016 at 13:30 (Baghdad time)

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Deputy for the province of Basra on Saturday, that the federal government has not so far we received any amount from the province benefits under the law of the petro-dollar, adding that the deputy governors and their portfolios and Council continue to hold their conversations in this regard in order to activate the law.

The MP said Salim Chawki's / balances News / "The province of Basra has not received so far any amount of dues petrodollars," adding that "the government violated the text of the 2016 budget law which provides for the granting of what the percentage of $ 5 for every barrel of oil exported from Basra fields and adopted to pay 5% instead of it. "

Shawki He added that "this is where prejudice the right of Basra and its people," stressing that "Basra have debt when the federal government up to $ 11 billion since 2003, and even This year".

He noted that "the continuation of this case we will be obliged to rely on allocated to the province's annual budget."

Shawky said that "deputies Basra and local portfolio and its board have ongoing negotiations to activate this project."

He called the number of deputies from Basra earlier to redress the city of Basra as "the lifeblood of the Iraqi economy," and the adoption of the principle of petrodollars and the amount is deducted for each barrel exported from the province.

By: Ahmed Zmim