Total oil company fined 750 thousand euros in a corruption case oil-for-food program

February 26, 2016 16:10

French rule eliminate the "Total" group of oil to pay a fine of 750 thousand euros on corruption charges in the case of oil - for - food program established by the United Nations to help the Iraqis during the nineties of the last century.
Court and sentenced to resume in Paris on the oil giant to pay the fine after being found embezzlement of public funds in the United Nations oil - for - food in Iraq program between 1996 and 2003, and sentenced the "Vitol" set to pay a fine worth 300 thousand euros, and it was a report of the independent commission of inquiry led by the former chairman of the US Federal reserve , Paul Volcker, has shown that more than two thousand and two hundred and founder of Russian, French and Chinese companies involved in the manipulation of this program.