Government Babylon lay the foundation stone for a housing project and investment withdraw the license of the company executing


The Governor of Babylon honest meaning of Royal, the foundation stone for a residential project particularly for teachers, southwest of the city of Hilla mode, confirmed pursuit province to customize thousand acres of the land of Babylon airport to the teachers' union, and as pointed to by the guild that the total project area of ​​42 acres and by 320 homes, Investment to maintain body indicated lack of responsibility for the implementation of the project after withdrawing investment license from the company implemented because of reluctance on the job.

Sadiq meaning Royal, in an interview (long-Presse), "it was the day the foundation stone of a residential project mode, a special chip teachers," noting that "the local government will work to customize thousand acres of allocated Airport Babylon land to the teachers union."
For his part, the head of the investment committee in the provincial council, the happiest Amuslimawi, in an interview (long-Presse) that "the teachers union began with a local company to set up a special residential complex for teachers featuring 320 residential houses in the area Abe sinking in the west of the city of Hilla," noting that "there are other residential projects to be established in a number of districts and areas in the governorate."
In turn, the captain of teachers in Babylon Thaer Obaid Hjul said in an interview (long-Presse) that "the foundation stone of the residential project that has been developed today, in terms of my father drowned, located on an area of ​​42 dunums, featuring 320 houses as well as schools, markets and gardens."
Hjul stressed that "the project is held by the teachers' union and in cooperation with a company to implement it," pointing out that "there are those who try to block the project and to prevent its completion."
For his part, Head of the Investment Commission of Babylon Nasr Hammoud, in an interview (long-Presse) that "the Commission informed the company executing the private teachers' housing project, to withdraw the investment license them, because of the reluctance and failure to implement existing paragraphs investment law," noting that "the contract signed with the company in November 2014, it provided for the establishment of a residential complex that includes 30 building and every building consisting of ten floors and the total rate of more than one thousand apartments. "
He Hammoud, that "the investment in the province is responsible for the foundation stone of today's situation in the same place and the company itself, which pull them the license," asserting that "allocated land for the project is now returning to Real state who owns the right to dispose of them."