Mr. Qabbanji: reforms must take place according to the vision of reference

02.26.2016 14:43

{Najaf: Euphrates News} Imam Fri Najaf Mr. Sadruddin Qabbanji stressed the need for reforms to take place according to the vision of reference, otherwise the reform needs reform.

Mr. Qabbanji said during his Friday sermon in the Greater Hosseinieh Fatimid in Najaf, and was attended by the correspondent of the agency {Euphrates News} " The participation of the popular crowd in clearing the rest of the usurped territories strapped unified military vision, and our priority is the liberation of usurped territories," adding that " the popular crowd announced readiness and willingness to participate, "stressing that" the armed forces command confirmed the need for the participation of the crowd in the liberation of Mosul. " on the other hand said the " people waiting for reforms and reference expresses sorrow for what is happening, and that the reforms are necessary to evaluate the path step ", stressing that the reforms take effect in accordance with the vision and guidance of the religious authority, and without it, the reform needs to be fixed.

"We believe that Iraq's political and jihadist arena Win, and win, and seeing progress in Almaatarkin despite what we are seeing problems."
on the fluctuation of oil prices , said "We believe that a positive future and shiny, and what is happening is a test for us and we will express the economic crisis peacefully safe , "referring to talk of a new refinery in the province of Maysan, which will reflect the economic effects of Iraq.
in the axis between that" Iraq is not satisfied and resentful of Turkish incursions into Iraqi territory, the Saudi intervention "stressing that" the people present in the arena. "

On the recent bombings in the Sayeda Zeinab district {p} in Syria , which was accompanied by dozens of martyrs and the wounded, Mr. Qabbanji said that" this tragedy is enough to invite the world to line up with us, and to stand against terrorism and terrorists, "he " The ceasefire is not enough, but must raise the hand of the terrorist gangs, cleanse Iraq, Syria, Egypt, and Libya of terrorism", offering condolences to the families of the martyrs, and the call to heal the wounded. Ended h