Maliki Almitrbes Balebadi back of the interface .. and Douai alternative candidate


Friday , February 26, 2016

Politicians and interested in the war on Iraq, said the prime minister, Haidar al - Abbadi will be the first victims of the reformist approach which seeks to establish it in Iraq.

Sources in the Shiite alliance, the largest Iraqi parliamentary bloc, that an emergency meeting of leaders of parties and forces the Shiite held on Thursday morning, at the home of leader the Dawa Party , the current foreign minister, Ibrahim al - Jaafari.

According to sources, the meeting turned to discuss the demonstrations called by the leader of the Sadrists, Muqtada al - Sadr, the wrestling arena on the post of prime minister between Shiite forces in spite of the presence of the prime minister, Haider Abadi between the two communities.

In detail, the current active within the ruling Dawa party in Iraq, put Nuri al - Maliki 's name, a substitute for Haider al - Abadi, within the upcoming political reforms deal, which raised Unlike sharply, according to political sources said.

A leader of the Dawa Party, for "toss News" around 8 ranking member of the Dawa party nominated al - Maliki to succeed Abadi , during the meeting, which sparked a wave of divisions within the dominant Shiite bloc, to the extent that the nomination of the President of the Shiite National Alliance and the current Minister of Foreign Affairs Ibrahim al - Jaafari to the Alliance bloc for prime minister instead of the current prime minister Haidar Abadi.

After Jaafari 's nomination, turning the meeting, as quoted sources, to discuss the demands of the Sadrist movement, to their representatives attack on Shiite partners, demanding to appoint the governor of Maysan current, Ali Douai, in the post of prime minister, succeeding Ebadi, which contributed to the divisions not seen meetings of the Shiite blocs.

The meeting internalized Shiite blocs under the name of "National Alliance" in a sensitive stage, as stressed by politicians and interested in the Iraqi issue.

It seems that the issue of supporting the trends Abadi reform, is not essential in the eyes of the Sunni and Shiite Islamic forces, but rather a political race for power between Mnacfh loyal to the system the guardian of the Iranian - Faqih and the forces of Shiite violation of his faith is trying to co - opt the Islamists of the year to Khandgaha to form a counterweight to the ambition of Iran in Iraq.

But put names such as al - Maliki and al - Jaafari and the candidate of the Sadrists, Ali Douai, for prime minister, is, according to observers, restore the political process to the square the first.