Sadr threatened to storm the Green Zone, and calls for a radical reform of the Abadi not Trqiei


Friday , February 26, 2016

BAGHDAD / National Iraqi News Agency / nina / cleric Muqtada al - Sadr announced that no one in the government is not represented and does not represent the rib line but represents himself, threatening what he described Balvasudain that people today on the walls of the Green Zone and will be tomorrow in which to regain his rights from them.

He said in Speaking today in Tahrir Square , the center of tens of thousands of followers rib line: "O sons of the rib line, he martyrs line and the voice of Displacement and Migration and the voice of the innocent prisoners in the bottom of that voice of the homeland and the citizen, it is the voice of minorities and the voice of the majority and the voice of Iraq 's Sunnis and Shiites, he was the voice of all the demands of reform and goodness and must be louder than all the corrupt every hostile and Daasha. "

He told the demonstrators:" the voice is the voice of resistance and jihad and the voice of the brave army and the voice of the security forces and the sound of the crowd hero and the voice of all the children and the elderly, today I stand with your voice the voice of truth , and declared my innocence of all corrupt and unjust either close to me and Mentm to and from each party , or someone looking for a personal favor, Golo both both of the corrupt. "

He continued chest:" I am today among you to declare to you frankly and courage that the government has left people struggling with death and fear, hunger, unemployment and occupation, but his legacy even propel him to the security and economic crises service, political, yes it is one of the crimes left by the previous government to wrestle the current government with all this mass of internal and external crises have not spared only plays the destiny of the people and the strength Vkfana submissive and vulnerable and complacency,.

He added: "I say there is no difference between Iraqis Islamist and Iraqi civilians , and between Sunni or Shiite , everyone involved in this wounded country who wronged him Almtzlton and corrupt ..voan the voice of the Iraqi hero who shot down the thrones of injustice before? Will you go the blood of martyrs and the saints to live under corrupt? , , Let us together to support Iraq in support of Muqtada, Say Yes , yes to Iraq. "

He added:" Any one of the government members to Aamthelna at all , but rather represent himself and that belong to even sympathy with us or belonged to us, and they wanted to reform from the inside , it means not to keep up with the corrupt and Mwalathm but must Iqatonhm and expose their corruption and Sergathm and their wrongdoing each began and mind and all the foundations of democracy. "

And:" the Prime Minister today at stake and especially after the people were roused and still Mentvdha will remain Mentvdha will continue this uprising, yes , yes to Iraq, after the authority 's voice and the voice of home and abroad who support the government 's reforms , and after that we have enabled the prime minister of reform but dawdle today is obliged to reform the root is not partial Prosthetic.

He said today: "We are on the walls of the green Zone and tomorrow people will be where to regain the rights of the corrupt and evil - doers, warning cry of the oppressed."