The corruption of the size of the budgets of countries .. file corruption in the arming of the biggest holes that drained Iraq military contracts

25-02-2016 11:55 PM

Embarked committees Iraqi parliamentary examination of armament contracts, entered into by Iraq in the governments of former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the first and second 2006 until 2014, after the military reports confirm the existence of disparities in existing weapons specifications within the armament contracts, and what is actually delivered to the soldiers on the ground, as well as difference files the world price of a weapon within the installer package and available in other markets.

According to a member of parliament, the 'previous governments spent on the purchase of arms last ten years more than $ 150 billion from different origins; which necessitated a stop at this figure, compared to the army's arsenal and place it lean and retrieval break it in front of a few hundred fighters from the organization' (Daash) in Mosul or the loss of the northern cities, despite what was spent on the military. "

And the Parliamentary reticent to mention his name, that the 'file corruption in arming the army decades the biggest holes that drained Iraq and caused the squandering its wealth and hope after the auditing of previous deals and call out to the conviction of those involved senior figures state the end.'

He added 'Our mission is to eliminate corrupt withdrawn, but if the judiciary is not able to prosecute it would, but what we have today in alarming numbers corruption armament deals'.

For his part, he said a member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, Adel Nouri, said that 'the Commission reviewed the armament contracts concluded by Iraq in previous years', noting that' the review resulted in the detection of a major corruption files are billions of dollars related to contracts for Russian arms and the Czech aircraft, as well as contracts It signed with Bulgaria, China, Ukraine, which included large quantities of weapons included tanks, armored vehicles and guns. "

He pointed Nuri, to 'the existence of related offenses contract signed with one of the States to buy 400 armored vehicles, it turned out the presence of cracks in 86 of them, however, was sent to the battlefront instead of returning to their country of origin or fined exporting company' pointing out 'that State compensated for Iraq under the name (and other materials), instead of those fined armor and has settle the issue. "

He said 'There is also a contract for the purchase of the Czech aircraft, (L 159), relate dragging its feet duration of processing and the quality and the amount that was paid', stressing that 'some of those irregularities involvement by officials in processing the Directorate of contracts at the Ministry of Defense and former Minister of Defense'.

And that 'the size of armament in Iraq since 2003 and until now was not the required level, and can make sure that the status of our armed forces in spite of spending $ 150 billion on arms file, according to figures and data. "

Nuri revealed that his committee 'informed Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi corrupt files can still be controlled and directed to halt three decades weapons immediately.'

In this context, he said the Deputy Commandant Major General (52), Army (West), Brigadier Falah al-Taie, said that 'the army reporting on corrupt arms received by, and finally, under the arm contracts entered into time-Maliki arrived these days and how does it work and let down our troops in the positions Difficult'.

He said al-Tai, the 'corruption practiced by politicians and officials in Baghdad is hurt for the benefit of (Daash) In this context, we have the soldiers were killed because of the vests poor and rifles stopped working or vehicles said to have been reinforced and appeared lied with the first volley of bullets hit her.'

In turn, he said a member of the Iraqi Integrity Commission, Ribawar Taha, said that the Ministry of Defense admitted during the course of the investigation process in the presence of 18 contract transactions rotten to buy weapons.

He said Taha, said in a statement that the Ministry of Defense admitted through the responses to the Integrity Committee questions the existence of 18 contracts rotten for the purchase of weapons and military equipment, noting that the majority of the files of corruption in the ministry back to previous years and will be announced at a press conference soon.

And entered al-Maliki, a very large arms deals with Russia, and those transactions young big corruption, Maliki accused himself, while considered Moscow then suspend those deals and stopped, while the files of corruption relating to such transactions are pending, and did not decide the Iraqi judiciary in spite of the existence of evidence and documents in them.