Haider Alfoada calls to reduce the members of parliament for the half and the abolition of the provincial elections

February 25, 2016 19:10
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He called Deputy for the National Alliance, to reduce the members of the House of Representatives in half, and the abolition of the provincial elections.
The MP said the coalition Haider Alfoada "I call on the parliament and the government if actually no real intentions of reform that this will be the last session of the provincial councils, and that the Conservatives are set, either through direct election or through appointment by the Prime Minister."
"I also call to reduce the number of House seats in half, connecting the offices of inspectors general body integrity, rather than the minister's office, to be carried out a review of all the inspectors."
He asked Alfoada, how exercise COI role with professionalism and impartiality which is linked to the Council of Ministers, demanding that an independent anti-corruption commission to be in general.
It is said that Iraq is in a state of economic and political crisis, following a drop in oil prices, and calls for Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, to make a cabinet reshuffle "substantial destruction,"
As called for political blocs to the inclusion Abadi government change if the change on the basis of technocrats rather than political quota system.