Pink: The investment commission repulsive to investors and projects Consumer

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It confirmed the MP for the Union of Forces to meet with the pink, Thursday, that the investment "repulsive" for investors, with projects that were considered "consumer".

Her pink in an interview that "attract investors process until now non-existent investment firms on a sober level can be completed investment project", noting that "the existence of corruption within the Investment Authority, which is repulsive to investors, because sometimes ask the investor to be a percentage of them, thus the investor away. "

She pink "invested company if it did not have the political pre-payment before they have a right to compete with other companies, it is not within the Almstqubth existing companies," indicating that "it also includes investment pieces in which a type of protein and bureaucratic political and the same for the expulsion of investors."

She stressed that "until now we have not seen a strategy Completed Projects of national investment," pointing out that "the projects that get the governorates by the body or ministries, it is a market and consumer matters