Russia: oil ministers from OPEC and elsewhere will meet in mid-March

Minsk, Feb 25 (Reuters) - Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak said on Thursday that the oil ministers of OPEC and outside planned to meet in mid-March.

Novak told journalists in Minsk, capital of Belarus that Russia would attend the meeting in the case of his contract and that he will also meet with the Iranian oil minister likely in March.

He said the freeze on oil production should continue at least a year if the oil market moved into balance faster if Russia and other countries have frozen oil production.

Saudi Arabia was the largest producer in OPEC and Russia is a member of the organization have teamed up with Qatar and Venezuela last week to freeze production at January levels if joined by other producers. Iran welcomed the move but did not pledge to take action.

Novak said that it is unclear now whether to freeze production agreement will only be signed or verbally.