Parliamentary Security vows to root out corruption from the roots whales

25-02-2016 06:00 PM

Confirmed to the Security and Defense Committee member of the Parliamentary Niazi architecture Ihsanoglu, on Thursday, the determination of his committee on the fight against corruption in the security ministries, vowing to root out the 'whales corruption' ablation and brought to justice.

Ihsanoglu said in a statement, 'We are determined to fight corruption in the security ministries and Snqtal whales corruption with their roots and their files will be presented for the integrity of soon ', adding that' mafias corruption has no edema or conscience and sees austerity practiced by the Iraqi people as a result of the erosion of oil prices. '

Vowed Ihsanoglu' whales corruption ablation and bring them to the integrity of and then eliminate ', saying' we will not Nrahm these corrupt because we have to keep our oath of public money '.