The Ministry of Electricity plans to privatize the power distribution sector

By Roudao 28 minutes 02-25-16

The Ministry of Electricity confirmed that the privatization of the energy distribution sector, the project will enable it to control the load management in an integrated manner and regulate consumption, and sophistication to the service provided to citizens.

The ministry said, according to a statement on Thursday, seen by Roudao Media Network, he said that "the citizen will receive a full share of the power, through the project, which also includes the installation of smart scales, as well as end Aldhaiat in the distribution process, and the collection of fees of electric power consumption, As well as urging citizens to rationalization in the optimal use of electrical energy. "

The statement said, "The ministry is seeking through this project is to determine the point of paying electricity service one entity, an investment company that represents the ministry, the implementation of controls and instructions, where the ministry aims of this project is to equip these areas for 24 hours, which will contribute to the citizen in the continuity by rationing the consumption of electric power, asserting that "the tariff rate of consumption supported by the government, and the support ratio of up to 94%, which amounts soft citizen can repay."

The statement added, "The ministry plans to deal with a reputable investment companies in order to ensure the success of the project, which hopes to contribute to the solution in which the electric power crisis in the country."

It is reported that the Ministry of Electricity signed a contract with the US General Electric Company for the maintenance and processing of materials for eleven gas generating station in all provinces in the country, worth 328.797 million dollars and the form of deferred payment for three years.