The Sadrists to open after a sit-in protest to achieve initiative leader

2016/06/24 20:40

Sadr still stresses its support for the Prime Minister, adding that the protests which called her leader, supported the Prime Minister's bid to make substantial amendments. But what if the latter refused their demands?

Sadrists apparently arrived early before the last step, any withdrawal from the political process which recent palette if RFID blocks with initiative aimh.
And put Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi chest has two choices, either to accept his vision of reform, or face a popular base that she threatened him with "stay" on the streets to achieve their goals.

Says Deputy chest that mass "not only threaten Abadi", but if it will not respond power to escalate the protests, which may turn to ins.

On the other hand, did not stand anything about chest-Abadi, held in Kazimiyah threshold. Liberal Deputy says that "the meeting faces were smiling."

In the meantime, the head of the Parliamentary Bloc admits, that encounters national coalition parties on the Government reshuffle was "not on the level of the event.

President block citizen, headed by Ammar al-Hakim, said that the last "coordinated with Sadr, noting that the two sides exchanged letters. But observers expressed surprise to Shiite allies held a meeting, despite Sadr's presence in Baghdad since the start of the week.

Chest hair at risk

He met Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi, Tuesday, the leader of the sadrist movement of Moqtada Sadr in kadhimiyah threshold.

Sadr arrived to Baghdad from Najaf, after reformist project contains aspects of the political, security and economic and regulatory.

Sadr's visit to Baghdad is the first of its kind after the formation of the Government by supporting composition Abadi.

But mp Fri Dewan, a member of the Liberal bloc, "Al-Sadr was not arrogant when he meets officials in Najaf, came to the capital after a modest sense of the seriousness of the situation in the country."

Divan in modern (range) that "chest" found it "cannot stay in Najaf and the political-economic and situation in Iraq is stable."

Diwan said that "the current Ministers are willing to abandon all positions except changing the parliamentary government". "Sadr supports Parliament," adding that "talks with Parliament Speaker Salim Al-jubouri came to support the work of Parliament and stand against the attack on legislature allowance finger of responsibility to the Executive branch."

The head of Parliament, said after the meeting, he discussed the formation of the next Government and the importance to convince the Iraqi people that State institutions, notably Parliament, the Government must provide tangible clearly reflected on the lives of people and their ".

And backstage to meet Sadr Abadi in Kadhimiya, says mp Abdulaziz alzalmy (range): "there is no definite information about the nature of the discussions between the parties."

But alzalmy assures that "Al-Abbadi was adamant about making the change, and began to welcome Mr. Sadr" program, pointing out that "the object of the parties was smiling after the meeting.

Next step: sit-ins

Sadr issued Wednesday, help participants to rally millions, called Friday in downtown Baghdad.

Sadr said: "put your hands some instructions I adhered", adding that "the Iraqi public, which prevents the chest" reminded "and did not mention any party, organization or party at all, but a unified national chants.

He called "the absence of any banner or flag is not the Iraqi flag only. He called for "not carrying any weapon," and called on his followers to "curb harmful emotions you and me".

Sadr urged protestors to "keep their morals with residents that would demonstrate", pointing out that "pleases the establishment Friday it go to pray after the end of the demonstration made its time from 8 to 10 am.

Sadr, Monday, Iraqis to come out in a "peaceful" million man against "corrupt" and "daashi" in Tahrir square in central Baghdad on Friday, "tomorrow."

Mp Abdulaziz emphasizes alzalmy "chest pressed by all means on the political blocs to achieve reform programme including demonstrations."
In turn, it is expected that the "Diwan Deputy Juma Baghdad streets early protesters not only liberation square", noting that "demonstrations will be the million man to support Mr. Sadr reforms."

Divan also says that "demonstrations are not a threat to Al-Abbadi to the mainstream are accustomed to protests since the American occupation through the rule of former Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki so far."

Liberal mp believes that "message of reassurance to the public demonstrations, as supporters of the Prime Minister, but if it did not respond to our demands, we will proceed to the next step and are staying in the streets from Friday if did not listen to us."

And Governor Aydin, head of the parliamentary Security Committee and a leading member of the sadrist movement, on Tuesday, alerting the security services to ensure the demonstration "millions" that called her the leader of the sadrist movement.

Aydin said that "there is coordination between the security forces and the sons of the Sadr movement to secure demonstration there is also coordination with external checkpoints unimpeded entry of demonstrators arrivals from other provinces."

Why was snubbed by Sadr-Hakim?

On the other hand, says mp Fri divan "Abbadi seen chest program, which vigorously defends, into the Iraqi situations and into another, and it chooses".

Member of the Liberal bloc asserts that "political blocs agree on the format of the upcoming change in the program Mr. Sadr as easy and comprehensive change."

In the meantime, President Hamid emphasizes vegetative mass citizen, "meetings between the blocks within the National Alliance, on the theme of change, the need to be more serious."

Khodari said the bloc "remains the position of the Government reshuffle that Abbadi executable program and form a clear and professional standards Committee to choose Ministers and heads of independent bodies.

The block was a citizen, which expressed support for the initiative, has called for expanding the selection Committee of Ministers in the new line-up.

In contrast, vegetative, denied the President block citizen, his knowledge of the existence of a close encounter between Hakim and Sadr, but asserted that "Mr. communicate often and that their coordinated high and they exchanged cables permanently." "The meeting of the parties is for the conditions and the time of each".

In turn, Attorney Abdul Aziz alzalmy says that he "does not know the agenda for future meetings and chest". But deputies pectoral revealed the intention of chest begin talks with the three presidencies and political blocs to support.

Spokesman for the Liberal bloc to withdraw from the political process "is possible if what the chest."