Iraq "internationalized" money smuggled file

Political Since 02.25.2016 at 10:20 (Baghdad time)

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The Commission on Integrity in Parliament on Thursday, and an intention to coordinate with the UN Security Council and the Arab League to investigate the Iraqis with money from abroad and anti-money laundering process.

He said committee member Abdul Karim Alabtan, L / balance News /, that "the Commission has the intention to coordinate with the UN Security Council and the Arab League to check and follow up on all the property and money of Iraqis abroad, and then the investigation, investigation begins."

He Alabtan, that "Iraq needs international cooperation to combat money laundering, has asked the Prime Minister to deal with the competent international corporate criminal investigation, which in turn take certain ratios to do this, but in return will exert all its efforts and services towards this issue," he said, adding "The prime minister is serious and collaborating with the integrity Committee in order to move these issues."

He noted, "It is assumed that the conditions placed about money transfer or smuggled conducted through competent companies do, because some of them fake, and it is known and fixed at the House of Representatives during the previous investigations."

"The Central Bank Act should be amended so that things are going the right way and doing his duty in this suffocating financial crisis."

It is said that the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Relations confirmed, yesterday, that the funds in outside Iraq crossed into relics, bonds, vehicles and real estate, is probable that there will be cooperation with the major powers to recover the money from abroad.

From: Ola Massaol