Finance denies making any new reduction of the salaries of staff

February 25, 2016 7:18
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The Ministry of Finance has denied holding any new reduction of the salaries of employees, stressing securing their monthly salaries for the current year with a plan for the reform and development of state resources. Said Deputy Finance Minister Fadhil Nabi "morning" that the deduction of 3 percent of Roatbmozvin that have been working under the percentage was the last part of the 2016 budget measures approved by the House of Representatives last January to address the impact of lower global oil prices in the national economy, adding, that news that has been circulating on reducing staff salaries are just press speculation and baseless. The agent pointed out that the Ministry of Finance transfers allocated for the salaries of all ministries for the month of February, the current financial amounts process completed and will be distributed in a timely manner. In the same context agent confirmed the existence of financial possibilities believes in employees' salaries for the current year, stressing that the ministry is unable to guarantee the payment of financial dues to the salaries of employees in all ministries within the prescribed timing within the current year's budget.