Attempts to obtain money from the pregnancy within vehicles to Basra as a measure to expand the imports

2016-02-25 08:14:06 | (Voice of Iraq) Basrah

The Basra Governor Majid Al-Nasrawi, go about obtaining money from vehicles to sustain pregnancy as a first step to expand imports of the province with a set of procedure to maximize resources but will not be at the expense of citizens.

Nasraoui said in a statement that the province did not receive any money from the Federal Government for the equal (operational and investment) to 2016 as paid solutions and outlets to maximize resources through the implementation of certain programmes in coordination with the State transferred powers, adding that those solutions impose material charges on trucks entering the province.

He noted that the money was sent to the Finance Ministry of the Treasury of the province, will be taken in favour of the province safe clearing title (i.e. against the debt owed by the Central Government) and distributed to the day-to-day action, contracts and patients.

Stressing that the financial position of the province of Basra so bad as the Federal Government has not taken any exceptional amounts so for important projects such as electricity and water.

As regards the emergency plan announced by Basra earlier on belonging to the electricity sector, said Nasraoui that summer of 2016 will be difficult to Basra to disagreement m.o.p. on that plan, as well as the lack of funds for projects belonging to the electricity sector.

Referred to as the Governor of Dhi Qar, Yahya Al-Nassiri announced Wednesday agreement with Basra Governor Majid Nasraoui in talks during the first Office to activate mechanisms to maximize revenues through levies on vehicle owners pregnancy that uses external and internal ways to sustain and maintain because of damage resulting in damage to several of them.

Nasseri said that the province is in the process of directing relevant departments to activate this agreement and open private financial account maintenance to collect payments and provide the maintenance of these amounts in the financial crisis.