Hakim declares send resignations of ministers citizen of Ebadi and calls for a majority government that represents all components [Extended]

2/24/2016 21:43

[Oan- Baghdad]
announced the head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Ammar al-Hakim, said on Wednesday he was sent to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi resignations of ministers citizen mass in oil, transport, youth and sports, "calling to" form a government of political majority that represents all segments of Iraqi society. "

Hakim said in his speech Cultural the Forum weekly held at his office in Baghdad, "I am announcing that we sent an official letter documented to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and the resignations of ministers citizen Bloc, because we project owners and we are not the owners of sites and privileges will not be a reason to stop any reform project is building the Iraqi state that is why the resignations of our ministers officially became the disposal Abadi, and also that these resignations are not separate from the project a real, clear and transparent reform. "

He said the" accept any resignation based on reason shown by the relevant committee, and also to be there clear standards for replacements and that the political parties in government bringing these replacements based on the specifications set by the Prime Minister that there will be no exceptions for any one of these specifications, and be of parliament a say in the selection of ministers also because it ultimately does not have their legitimacy, but to accept their parliament. "

he said al-Hakim," as long as we look for specialists and experts We do not imagine that a dispute over from where these qualities are available regardless of the party that nominated him or the way they ran out, "pointing out that" there is another step in the path of reform is web proxy and is unconstitutional and illegal sites is very large, number and paralyze government action and reforms, here this file should also be resolved and that does not stay any site by proxy and that there not be any exception. "

He explained that" the third step is sites independent bodies vacancies in the state, locations, and which must be operated by angels competent and experienced and are clear standards development and are selected by the the competent committees and balanced under the supervision of the House of Representatives. "

and went Hakim said," The fourth step of the process of reform are the laws and regulations that shackle work and destroy the economy and the complexity of the lives of citizens, the need to campaign purifying large and comprehensive reform, "adding" we supportive of any reform steps provided that they are available we have a road map and project a reformist integrated steps and procedures are clear. "

The chairman of the Supreme Council that" it's not the time it takes for the reforms, but it is important to have a plan we follow their implementation within a defined timetable, adding, "but if we changed ministers without a clear plan or without completing steps and other sites left by proxy and the vacancy state and independent bodies as they are, and passed several months or a year, why the government is going to say at the time !! And how would justify government failure where?! Is Stlom who criticize or denounce it?!. "

Hakim said," Some of those who love us blame us so much that we are slow in making decisions and are wary predominantly in the decisions which we do not rush the decision and we are taking easily, and that means we have not issued our position just to express Ilvat position or view media or the street, but we found that there is a real and urgent need to put points on the characters, because the events have accelerated things and reduced to the extent that some people thought that the crisis in the country confined to the ministerial change !! If this change happened, the situation would be ideal and disappear all the problems and crises !!, and for this we have identified our position on what is being said and we said our word. "

He explained that" any change needs to be reasons and evaluation!, And that includes everyone and even the efficient and non-efficient and successful and failed, this is not reform but just escape from crisis to crisis, "noting that" the reform basis is to be honest with ourselves and our people that define the reservoir error without boasting or narrow personal here or there accounts. "

The head of the Supreme Council," we demanded that constitute a professional committee competent to evaluate Minister and their performance in their respective ministries and the level of success that they have achieved in reaching the goals of the ministry not imagine that this request bother anyone. on the contrary this is demanded by the people, and he put the right man in the right place, and also this is what demanded by al-Abadi to be a government of technocrats any specialists and experts the government. "

he stressed that "the Committee shall be an independent evaluation of ministers and announce their results for all !!, and if there are those who say that this would cause embarrassment to some change, we say whether ministers without cause does not cause embarrassment? !! Are we intend to do real reform, or take into account the Thoughts of personal here or there, "pointing out that" we are asking for in this regard is the real reform because it establishes the beginning of true far from the confusion and uncertainty, if the issue is not embarrassing but not difficult, but surprised that some people call the change does not It provides mechanisms !! Therein lies the big question marks ?? !! ".

He pointed Hakim that" When Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr issued a statement in this regard and called for formation of a committee Fassarana to support the initiative because it is the same approach that we believe in is based on the well-known action steps, and no one was ready to walk blindfolded or give a blank check to anyone !! We all partners to take responsibility we will not abandon our responsibilities and will not Arhbna confusion and misinformation that comes from here or there and we are not of those who lose their vision when mounting the dust. "

He pointed out that" our perception of the political majority mingled with this matter for some and they said why Rvdtamoha when demanded by others long ago, and we to make it clear it is that we believe in the political majority of all the ingredients, not just the numerical majority, means we Ndawaly majority of the Shiites, Sunnis, Kurds and other components and there is no opposition to the Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds, it is important that everyone be represented in this majority, and everyone is in the opposition as well and we are not who believed to form a numerical majority have great weight of one component and have the presence of others Therifia or formality. "

The head of the Islamic Supreme Council that" Iraq is a diverse and can not only live with this diversity can not be for the political process to continue, but if they all present the components. "

In security axis and the fight against terrorism, Al-Hakim said he was "a challenge Nsarah 12 years ago, but the last wavelength is the most dangerous and the fiercest and most barbaric and brutal centuries ago, not the standards of the terrorism that Harbnah in the past decade, and Ohma terrorism has arrived in the occupation of land of more than one country and the declaration of an independent state alleged phase, It represents the summit in the empowerment of terrorism. "

He added," we have been for years trying to convince the world and friendly countries regionally and internationally that this terrorism will expand and evolve and take new forms, and that its objectives are not confined to the local reality of Iraq, but feeds on unstable environment in Iraq as it feeds now on areas of conflict in Yemen, Libya, Syria and even in Central Africa, the Philippines and Indonesia, if it is not a local case linked to a specific set of political, but the overlap of the Iraqi situation, the complexity and depth of the changes that have occurred in this country, to make it appear prominently here as it is a global event thought oblique penitential criminal " .

He added that "this terrorist challenge and after hitting the peak, in any direction will move ?? He began to fall and subsides and became a challenge for the entire world and not challenge us alone, and became the world are dealing with a local danger, as we are dealing with a local as a threat, and he lost a large part of its environment incubator and fell sectarian convinced him he used to Tmddabbar some communities, and today Iraq has become fighting terrorism and regain the initiative and use policy nibbling at the return of the land and the policy of smashing to pay painful for terrorism and its strongholds, political, logistical and founded by strikes, if we are in this axis to achieve substantial progress. "

In the economic conditions experienced by Alraaq due to the financial crisis, the fall in world oil prices, al-Hakim said that" Iraq is living under the economic challenge a single supplier of oil and Maady that everything is secondary and careless, have helped a surge in oil prices, which lasted for a few years to increase the reliability and the entry of the Iraqi state in Alhllalaguetsada structural phase, so that there is no longer focused seriously on the diversification of resources and out of the families of the rentier state and focus on identifying how to spend the available huge resources. "

He explained," the budgets are built on the basis of spending actual do not need, and inflated the number of employees to the level of Iraq has become the forefront of the world the number of employees relative to population, and as expected, the opulence and extravagant creates a corrupt environment, and became a corruption accompanist and encouraging the policy of spending resources and waste of public money. "

He pointed to" the end of the spree prices became everyone sees the real image without frills, and discovers that this state has been associated with future commodity of rising or falling price in the stock market global markets, and for the first time in 12 years began the budget is studying seriously and are built on the principle of needs and priorities and the exchange on the basis of need, which is the natural state in building the country's economy, and the state began considering the mentality of access to resources not spent and began community think the mentality of production rather than consumption began individual think the mentality of the diversification of the sources in his work and his income, and gave up the ambition to be an employee state. "

He said," this shift has started now for less than a year and it is not reasonable to see the results of the day or after a month or two, but certainly we are for the first time we are heading towards the right way to build a strong and efficient economy, I say we go because we still need to legislation hundreds of necessary laws and regulations in order to be on the right track, and oil prices will remain for a few years low levels, which may be enough to provide the minimum needs of the country and gives us the opportunity to think deeply and develop production and make real economic cycle. "

Hakim pointed to" political challenge we may forget we Hold your breath in the details that Iraq is in a state of war for 35 years, which is a continuous war on different fronts and multiple addresses, but fierce and devastating war, since the beginning of the eighties and into the day and Iraq wars going on non-stop, the military war is a war, and the economic blockade is a war, and regime change political military invasion is a war, and terrorism is a war. "

And that," over the 35 years of these wars did not stop a drain everything in Iraq, wars consume wealth and human principles and values ​​and politics, it is difficult to find a country in the past century has remained in the case war this fierce and diversity over the past 35 years, as over Iraq !! ".

He added that" With all this, the Iraqis were able and pain that exceed many of the wounds of these wars and build a political system that are trading the power peacefully and democratically, and certainly it's not a perfect system and complete, but at least better than many of the regimes in the region and the world, need to be developed and continuous correction and work to establish a culture of political pluralism, the great and our hope the new political generation that takes political leadership Ptndaj tracks and developed. "