Iraq is at a crossroads and the inevitability of reform options "seminar to the Euphrates Center

Published in: 21:47, February 24, 2016

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In the presence of MPs in the Iraqi parliament from the holy city of Karbala Riad Ghraib and Ibtisam al-Hilali held the center of the Euphrates for Strategic Studies in cooperation with the Iraqi Council of Representatives Office in the province, a seminar entitled (Iraq is at a crossroads: the inevitability of reform and the options available) in Iraq Hall at the University of Karbala - Faculty of Business and Economics .
The researcher said Hassan Obaid Issa "was read at the symposium papers sober prepared by researchers center which is about a draft reform of the primary," he said. "I said in my speech that Iraq today: Like the sick man who described Europe by the Ottoman Empire before its fall FIA see any solutions that benefit us and under what Options should be heading as do the heads of unions and civil society organizations when terms expire declare solution governing body of the union chooses a president pro tempore of the session to oversee the conduct of the elections, "adding," so is the solution to stop the entire political process and disrupts the constitution and choose an interim government for the conduct of business for years be under the supervision of a supreme body of legal and country codes with Sir commendable possess established competence to perform a new constitution putting the country on the right path and hold elections on jurisprudence, "stressing that" otherwise, each prosthesis solutions do nothing to bring life to dress became a rag flimsy, this may seem fanciful, but the solution should not fall from the fictional accounts solution when we find the rest of the solutions may be closed. "
The seminar was moderated by the center's director, Dr. Khalid Aerada also attended by Second Deputy Governor Ali Hussein Mayali and organic Magali conservative Bushra Hassan Ashour Sondos Turaihi and the representative of the United Nations Office in the province Susan Hamid, chairman of the Bar Ali Yasseri and director of the Center for Studies and Media Rights Majid Al Khayyat and a number of university professors and researchers of the center and the media. is over
Uday al-Haj