Parliamentary power calls for a renegotiation of the oil licensing rounds

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The Commission stressed the oil and energy parliamentary, on Wednesday, on the need to Aaadah negotiate licensing rounds due to the decline in global oil prices, as pointed out that the previous agreement was in accordance with the different prices what they are today.

Committee member Jamal Mohammed in a press statement said that everyone agreed that the licensing rounds need to renegotiate for being signed when the price of a barrel of oil more than $ 100, but now Prices have tumbled dramatically, and in that time, those tours were useless if kept prices its stability, noting that the moment the prices do not fit at all with what was planned.

He added that the Committee on Energy asked the Oil Ministry to re-negotiate with the companies that have adopted these tours and in line with the current prices of oil physical deteriorating situation of the country, adding that he could Oil Ministry to renegotiate the licensing rounds, according to the law, especially since most of the companies expressed their willingness for that, because of Ausbandoh of non-receipt of the amounts assessed,

He said Mohammed, said the authorities concerned can go to serve the oil sector and not the operating companies, and to stop those rounds better than to move them to the current situation.

It is said that the economic and investment commission in Parliament called on the government to re-negotiate with the international oil companies to modify the contracts signed with them after becoming its clauses are not valid for Iraq.

Said committee member Abdul-Salam al-Maliki, said that "licensing rounds have made Iraq's oil semi-dependent, however, these companies, we can call the colonization of quilted in a legal way, did not come by force of arms," ​​noting that "" the cost of oil production is very high compared to global prices. "

"The price of a barrel of Iraqi oil up to around $ 25, while the cost price up to about (18 to $ 22), a large cost for Iraq," pointing out that "the wisdom obliged to negotiate with international companies a legal way to lift the restriction on Iraq oil and a new policy. "