National Alliance calls for legislation to prevent corrupt officials from traveling Act

24/2/2016, 17:55 Published by: Messenger of Delphi

Called the National Alliance MP Zainab Sahlani, on Wednesday, the Iraqi government requires the enactment of laws to prevent officials suspected of corruption cases from traveling outside the country, as pointed out that the recent actions of the Integrity Commission is a positive step calculated for the district council body, not its president.

She Sahlani in a press statement that the recent measures taken by the Integrity Commission to refer a number of officials suspected of corruption to the courts to achieve them is considered a positive step calculated for the Judicial Council of the body and not for president, "pointing out that" the President of the Commission depends on the judicial offices scattered across the country to collect information and files related to suspicions of corruption and audited before they are submitted to the courts. "

Sahlani and demanded the Iraqi government to "enact a law requiring the prevention of corrupt officials and those who were sentenced to judicial orders banning them from traveling, as well as the enactment of the necessary return of fugitives from outside the country."