Fakhri Karim: We are all technocrats ...!

02/24/2016 07:49

Long-Presse / Baghdad
Popularized the term technocrats after Mr. Haider al-Abadi asked parliament mandate to form a government of technocrats outside the quotas circle, so that is the term itself, are running the public opinion and take his dimensions popular "inspiring", about what has been said that to solve a magical balmy dismantle all the crises the country, and responds to Murat helpless Iraqis.

The transformation of this preoccupation to another reason to compete on the ministry's "technocratic" seats on a wider scale than it has ever since become the successive governments chairs, the preserve of the powerful leaders of altered sectarian creeds and ethnicity. As long as the leaders of blocs and members of the ruling parties and their relatives outside the competition circuit, The road is passable only to find every Iraqi chance to become a minister for the first time since the emergence of the Iraqi state in the early twenties of the last century.

The focus is an important aspect of this concern on the meaning of technocrats. And it is not important, as have dealt with citizens, meaning as contained in Wikipedia or knowledge "گoگol" available for both writes Dictionary acknowledges, but as contained in the Dictionary of the political process, the leaders and the heads of parliamentary blocs and advisers appointed by Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr or indicated by their names. Citizens They share their opinion and advice on the "new" political Abah that I got them suddenly without introductions, when the concept of the term from the standpoint of Mr. Abadi, because it eventually caves to be determined by other blocs, the National Alliance, which willingly Parliament will vote to accept or reject the selection leaders did not stop technocratic.

Citizen busy with may not know to stand on the secrets hidden for coming down that befell him without warning, that the planned political leadership, which poses its own requirements and "characterization" Whose character required apply to him in the "technocratic", does not realize that the first of what it means to move from government quotas to government of technocrats, is the transmission of the concepts, systematically removes what has to do with the concepts of the sectarian system Mahassah "interoperability", because, in essence, is a move from its choice as a system of pre-civil, concept Democrat, to the contrary space them altogether, which will select a cabinet on the basis of knowledge scientific specialization and the ability to develop strategies needed to get out of the reality of "terrorist", and the cycle of crisis in all its manifestations and to draw the "scientific" and practical solutions to subtract strategies approved by the problems, tasks and solutions for real-time in the light of what is dictated by the peculiarities of reality. The government's technocratic not formed in response Resume to desire or outside the development environment, not in isolation from the objective conditions, and it is not possible to adopt the mechanisms and tools contradict basically with their tendency retrofit evolutionary methods in thinking and approach to governance and the climate of freedom of thought and diligence and to benefit from the experience in similar countries in terms of conditions and tasks.

In anticipation of the commission of any systematic error, it is necessary to accept the specificity of the concept of "technocratic government" applied to the Iraqi reality, severe retardation, deep involvement in the paths led to the dismantling of the state and rebuild the waste is rooted autocratic regime is responsible for tearing the fabric of society and waste its resources, in addition to what It was described by negligence competencies and expertise, and subjected to forced migration, or the isolation under the pressure tactics underdeveloped repellents have Almtashashh in all corners of the fractured state and its institutions. With this understanding, we take into account that what is meant to be the putative "technocratic government" specifications that emerged from the womb of the experiment in 1932 in the United States will not apply the "historic", in the circumstances of technological development inclement who made the machinery of government and its leaders in the case of a deficit of understanding that development and to respond to their tendency "progressive, modernist" and enable them to penetrate into the pores of society and the state at every level and the field, and even taking as required by the potential and capital and research and methods of teaching science and environment code will launch its energies and activate the creative power and creative advancement to a more sophisticated and far ranges of levels.

And imposed by the "premise of" falls in the door of politics and technocratic required to respond to the urgent tasks in the construction and modernization process. But presumably, as a prelude to this, to know and identify the tasks and Trutbatha in terms of importance and sense.

The first of these tasks, the transition from a rentier economy and one-sided, multi-source and to diversity the economy. This imposes were excluded qualified specialist proven in how to accomplish this transformation to revive agriculture, industry, tourism and the development of the private and mixed sector fields, and achieve the greatest degree of self-sufficiency "food" and "medication", and the adoption of legal competencies legislature to reconsider the obtrusive laws, and legislation of new laws "motivational "to create a favorable environment for the creation of internal and external competition with encouraging investment protection measures.

In parallel line homogeneous, combined competencies capable of fiscal policy - monetary reform and to stop wasting resources and financial and administrative corruption and the restructuring of the State bureaucracy bloated and freeing it from the traditions and methods of routine and contempt of time, through to rely on management techniques in the "e-government" ..

It remains then that we know together, and decision-makers first, that the technocratic government at a time when they should be at the highest level cognitive in all that is needed from the jurisdiction, does not require them to be political, and in our condition is intended to neutralize them as much as possible from tugging partisan and sectarian course ..!

Citizen Zarif said that many of the friends and acquaintances are optimistic that luck may give them a chance to catch up with the government of Mr. Abadi, especially because they are all of the specialists who are needed to repair the damage, and not in Iraq unless Atolh vandalism, One of them skilled carpenter and the other mechanics cars fit for the passage, and the third he has a "Jumper" and can participate efficiently in the auction currency and share in profit bumper with the Ministry of Finance, in addition to the dozens of others who became known for the first time they are technocrats layer absent from the state and its interests.