Ali Alsjeri: on the political blocs to abandon its interests in the formation of the government before the sinking ship everyone


(Independent) .. former MP Ali Alsjeri called on all political blocs to show concessions and the formation of a government of technocrats and independents in order to express Iraq and the Iraqi people suffocating crisis experienced by the day.

Alsjeri said in a statement received (independent) a copy of it a long time ago and we we read the statements of the political blocs its desire to reform and support the steps the prime minister about the cabinet reshuffle and the use of independent technocrats to emerge from the crisis in Iraq, which is under the brunt today.

He said while the value of these positions see that the political blocs to translate its words into action and to enable the prime minister to form a new government based Almkoonati balance away from the political blocs have failed to nominate ministers empowered as a result of power struggles within them, in addition to the desire to maintain the moral gains and material find it of electoral rights, even at the expense of citizens and the country.

And saw Alsjeri that the formation of a government of independents and people qualified under the auspices of the House of Representatives and control can overcome the crisis for narrowing Bkhanagaha on the necks of Iraqis, it's also possible to push the international community to help Iraq after his reluctance on it at the moment as a result of his vision that the aid goes to the pockets of the blocks and politicians after corruption clearly.

He said the House of Representatives during the remaining two years of the life of the current parliamentary session Tndij political vision and developed a system SOBER management session with a constitutional amendment and completion of broken laws and legislation elections just law, in order to get into the consolidation Altrajabh democratization and the dimensions of the government about the game themes and political interests.

He stressed that the time has come for showing political blocs some concessions to Iraq and the Iraqi people, after I got over the past few years and its leaders on the privileges and gains patchwork dream ..olakn the knowledge of everyone that the continuation of these privileges requires the continuation of the political process that began to see a clear rejection of the people who savor the two things, both of terror gangs or corruption. (end)