Hammoudi undertakes to disclose money diverted Names and Numbers

2/24/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - morning
First Deputy Chairman of the House of Representatives Hamoudi pledged to disclose the money smuggled Names and Numbers and accountable anyone found stealing and profaning the people's money.
A statement by his office received «morning» that «Hamoudi chaired with Vice Chairman of the House of Representatives the second Aram Sheikh Mohammed formation of a supreme committee to supervise the direct recovery of stolen money inside the country file and smuggled abroad.» The statement added that »Hamoudi said full keenness on personal follow-up to detect smuggled money and identified the names and numbers in the coming period, legal and accounting for each of proving stolen and profaning the people's money«, indicating that »there is a need and great responsibility to make greater efforts towards recovery of these private funds in this circumstance the serious financial undergone by the country. »
He added that »the presidency of the Council also considered that the committee's membership committee chairs integrity, finance and foreign affairs, legal, security, defense and accountability and justice be«, pointing out «to the» Committee will choose the accession of the find appropriate and effective for this sensitive issue and the task as a main Integrity Commission and the Office of Financial Supervision «.
Hamoudi pointed out that »subject to disclosure corrupt and recover the stolen money responsibility
Everyone ».