Parliamentary Energy: Iraq got $ 398 billion in licensing rounds

Wednesday February 24, 2016 09:14

Alsumaria News / Baghdad
It revealed the Energy Committee in Parliament Wednesday that Iraq obtained a 389 billion dinars by the oil licensing rounds, and in the time it stressed that the companies did not reach its profit more than one billion and 200 million dollars, said the cost of production per barrel in Iraq does not exceed $ 10.

The deputy chairman of the Committee on the Qubool Bahadli in an interview with the Sumerian News that "licenses rescued Iraq tours as he which received a $ 389 billion, of which $ 41 billion are costs for companies related to infrastructure costs, which will return after the Iraqi state," noting that "corporate profits from these licenses are not to exceed one billion and 200 million dollars. "

Bahadli said that "the cost of producing a barrel in Iraq is between 10 to 11 dollars per barrel," he said, adding that "talking about the arrival of costing $ 20 and is considered the most important and his words are not careful."

The Iraq contracts signed with major international companies in the years 2009 and 2010 to develop oil fields in Basra and Maysan province in order to increase oil production, as these contracts received reservations and objections by some officials and specialists, especially with the drop in oil prices.