The stock market and a way to ensure the financing of public savings

2/24/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Mostafa Hashemi
stressed economic academician on the need for the Iraq Stock Exchange to be a hallmark of the national economy they reflect the potential of the private sector companies to raise the level of GDP by shares, indices and volume trading session.

He said the economic academic Dr. Majid Baidhani in an interview for »Sabah »that the bourse has sought to increase the volume through the public awareness campaign launched years ago met with limited success at the time.

He believed that the reason for this is due to low stock prices, which was a lot of citizens are expected to achieve large profits for them in a short time, although a lot of them enthusiasm for the idea of indirect investment and the entry of the stock market. And they know the stock market as a special market operations of buying and selling securities through intermediaries where he will meet and meet traders at specific times, an institution dedicated to develop practical and technical arrangements for the trading operations on immovable values, in order to provide services is to facilitate transactions between brokers bourse, and upgrade trading securities in the stock market.

He stressed the importance of the role that Iraq stock Exchange play in the economy and its contribution to increase the level of GDP by goals that include opening the door to private enterprises by firing percentage of their capital to the public for trading, as it is one of the means of securing funding from during the public saving.