Parliamentary Integrity: we will be hosting the Director of Interpol in Iraq 2016-02-23

Parliamentary integrity Commission, revealed on Tuesday, host a representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Director of Interpol police in Iraq to learn their role in money smuggled out of Iraq, saying it has not charged anyone. Committee member Mohammed said the fact that l/balance of news, "report on money smuggled House will include efforts on this file and hosts that got the documents and files at the link".

He said, that "the report will include the presentation of the findings of the Committee, as well as proposals to be submitted by the Commission for the Iraqi Government," he said, adding that "the file has not been completed yet.

He noted that "the Commission will present a summary of the efforts to date of the writing of the report, stating that" there are hosters also completed where it was supposed to be hosted by the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to see the Ministry's role in this matter, as well as hosting the Director International Police (Interpol) in Iraq but because travelling to Tunisia to participate in the work of the Interpol, hosted "process was delayed.

He added, "to this moment, working on how to restore smuggled funds not implicated and accused and no charges for anyone", adding that "the reasons for not activating the legislation on this subject, the competent organs in the process of restoring Iraqi funds whether funds before 2003 or money that fled after the year, he said.

Recall that the State of law Coalition revealed to balance News earlier, call for the formation of the international committees working to recover funds smuggled outside Iraq. The House discussed last week refund file smuggled out of the country.