Integrity is preparing to issue new lists of senior officials on charges of "inflated wealth"

Long-Presse / Baghdad
Despite widening criticism of the president, who belongs to a coalition of state law, the Integrity Commission intends to continue its activities by issuing new lists of names of accused senior officials hypertrophic wealth circle.

She talks, parliamentary sources close to refer six senior officials to justice for the same charge, which was transmitted by which a deputy prime minister Saleh al-Mutlaq and Bahaa al-Araji, last week.

Parliamentary committees and confirms that the Integrity Commission, which began to step up oversight of its operations during the recent period, are working according to the principle of (Where did you get this?), And it will examine the wealth of senior officials, without exception.

In the meantime, the Legal Committee called for the formation of open court to hold accountable the corrupt politicians who worked as a criminal that tried Saddam's regime symbols court.

He revealed a parliamentary source in the National Alliance, said "the next few days will witness the referral of six senior officials from the Integrity Commission to eliminate inflation after their money." He pointed to "the existence of several lists will be issued by the Integrity Commission which shall transmit large figures to eliminate inflation after their money."

He said parliamentary source, who spoke to (range) and requested anonymity because of the sensitivity of the information, that "there is a list of the names of senior officials will be forwarded to the judiciary in less than a month period." He declined to disclose the identity of these persons or entities that are affiliated with the protection of the investigation, and to prevent the exercise of political pressure.

In the meantime, MP Kamel al-Zaidi, a member of the parliamentary legal committee says that "the Integrity Commission will present a lot of politicians files to the judiciary after the availability of evidence that confirms they committed financial violations." He pointed out that "these officials files accumulated in the Integrity Commission for a long time."

He said al-Zaidi, told the (range), that "the referral of those involved with public money to eliminate will be in the form of packaged meals in order to account everyone without exception to any one." He is stressing that "the Integrity Commission procedures would not target a component or a political bloc and the coming days will prove what we are saying."

He said the legal committee member, said "these corrupt would raise problems against the head of the Integrity Commission after he confronted them and openly before the public opinion," adding that "all you have to do is to move the late-Yasiri files in the body."

The Integrity Commission announced last Thursday, assign each of Bahaa al-Araji, Saleh al-Mutlaq and Farouk al-Araji and Naim Abaob to justice on charges of graft and career exploitation.

And it announced the Integrity Commission, on Monday, on the transfer of three senior officials to the judiciary, claiming inflated money and graft, as shown that the procedures aimed at a particular corruption without personal or target specific mass ends.

He accused al-Araji, the conference Monday, the head of the Integrity Commission to exercise defamation for political purposes, attributing it to disclose its rig contracts for oil licenses concluded during assume Hussein al-Shahristani, the oil ministry, and calculated the mass of Chairman of the Authority.

In a related development, the Parliamentary Integrity Committee confirmed that "the Integrity Commission began activating principle (Where did you get this?) And the disclosure of financial interests for its charge of financial disclosure to study the inflated money and then refer them to the judiciary for investigation."

Explains MP Taha defensive, a member of the parliamentary committee told the (range), he said that "any official would be forwarded to the judiciary has to prove receiving these funds, which have increased in the past periods," pointing out that "the committees of the Integrity Commission to deal with these files from where priority and importance. "

In turn, the parliamentary legal committee emphasizes that "the Integrity Commission will continue to disclose all the files to the judiciary after being studied by investigators."

He said MP Mohsen al-Sadoun, a member of the Commission told the (range), that "these files that have been forwarded by the Commission on Public Integrity to justice will be investigated by a judge and the prosecutor."

He called Saadoun Integrity Commission "pay all the evidence against those involved Bsrac public money from officials or others."

And calls on member of the Legal Committee to be "the trial of corrupt officials openly modeled on the High Criminal Court, as provided for in Article 19 of the Constitution, paragraph (7) which provides for a public trial."

Sadoun stresses that "corruption is a large volume in the Iraqi state institutions, accused by the big personalities," calling the Judicial Council to "make a public hearing to hold all the corrupt class."