Labour: We seek to establish an integrated social system to support private sector

2016/2/23 13:18 60 visits readable

Labour: We seek to establish an integrated social system to support private sector
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs held a legal scientific media workshop to discuss the establishment of an integrated social system that would support a slice of retirees and workers creditors as one of the pillars supporting the private sector titled {together to achieve social security for workers in the private sector}.
Senior agent of the Ministry of Labour, Faleh al-Amiri said in a statement the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it on "The workshop is sponsored by the Prime Minister was attended by representatives of ministries and social partners and the Committee on the work of parliamentary, as well as a representative of the World Bank discussed the draft pension law, social security and the views of experts and specialists on how to establish a social security system integrated in Iraq to guarantee the rights of all workers in the private sector and other sectors. "
He added that the workshop also discussed the issue of the integration of the two pension funds, social security and public retirement in order to reach a real visions of establishing an integrated system complies with international regulations on social issues, pointing out that the discussions focused on the subject of the provision of social security to the pan workers in the private and other sectors, as well as discuss the social insurance sector to enable the state to build a healthy economy works to strengthen the private sector and guarantee the rights of all employees.
He explained that the Ministry of Labour and located it upon themselves to provide opportunities for climates own work and ensure the achievement of vocational training based on efficiency opportunities in order to provide opportunities for job seekers according to labor market requirements with the provision of soft loans to those wishing to set up small income-generating projects, which would contribute to reducing the unemployment rate in the country, in addition to other aspects of the sound work environment provided by the National Center for occupational Health and safety that.
Amiri said the state is seeking to provide social umbrella for all the people in cooperation with the social partners and international organizations as well as the support of the private sector in order to relieve the pressure on the government sector, especially with regard to the issue of employment as the government is seeking through legislation and new laws to revive the private sector to be parallel to the sector government in terms of features and pension rights, as well as for the two sectors through the consolidation of the public pension funds and guarantee a single fund.
He said the pension law and social security for workers if approved will assign to the ministry Weaver equal employment opportunities in the private sector, adding that the ministry put it a priority upgrade to a labor inspection because of its significant role and basically in control of the workplace and ensure that the issue of the rights of all employees guarantee.